Like Tea Master is very much Essential for a Tea Shop,Digital Marketer is the Need of the Hour.Digital Marketing for Restaurant is depended upon Visibility, hence if something is showed more, it is seen by more people when you have broaden your audience in your Niche you can attain qualified leads considerably.

i)Build your Brand Identity

Though you may have first class Interior & Exterior for your Restaurant it is essential to build your Brand in the Digital Platform where a Digital Marketer helps you to stand out from the Market where you can upload appealing Contents in your domain…

Be, it Any Business you need Customer to say it a Hit or Flop !!!
when it comes to Restaurant 50% fail in the first 5 years but it is one of the most Profitable Business.Here comes the top 3 ways to improve the footfall for your Restaurant

i)Know Your Audience

Audience Segmentation is a Key role for any Business.Taj Hotel Customers won’t visit Adyar Ananda Bhavan and Adyar Ananda Bhavan won’t go to Kai Yenthi Bhavan. So, we have to know whom your customers and Target them accordingly.


In this blog we are gonna see what you are going to get from DIGITAL DEEPAK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM’S 2nd Class.


Digital Deepak believes that when you teach you understand things in a better way. Hence, he urges his students as well.He also comes up with the concept of providing the space for the participants of his internship program where, they are allowed to take-up the webinars for the people on this Internship program after going through a screening process by the Pixceltrack team.


As the quote says “The best way to end your learnings is to learn from themasters” I choosed DIGITAL DEEPAK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM,What mademe feel that this program is gonna be my game changer is the concept of the program, action takers get the knowledge and exposure at free of cost.I repeat it is free for ACTION TAKERS .The first class itself made me
realise the class is gonna be from the scratch. yes, the first class were the basics of marketing.we were asked to right our goals to achieve from this program.Our …

Rakesh Digital

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